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Photo of JanetJanet C. Read is a reader in child computer interaction and director of the Child-Computer Interaction research group at University of Central Lancashire in the UK. She is also an editorial board member of the Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction. In 2008, Janet co-authored the text book Evaluating Children’s Interactive Products. In 2009, she edited a special edition journal on the design of mobile technologies for children, and contributed a chapter to the book Mobile Technology for Children.

MESS 日 (Mad Evaluation Sessions with Schoolchildren -与儿童合作创意评价):与儿童合作一起设计和提供有价值的移动体验

A child's design

(English) Designing with children adds a new dimension to user experience design and usability testing. Our understanding in how children can best contribute is still developing. [阅读详情]