Articles by Jason Telner

Jason TelnerJason Telner, PhD, is a senior user experience researcher within IBM’s CIO design team. Jason has over a decade of UX research and design experience. He has several years of experience working specifically on conversational AI applications including digital assistants and voice interfaces specifically for customer support. Twitter: @jtelner

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots—Creating Positive Experiences

Dabby Phipps, Jon Temple and Jason Telner

This article describes UX considerations and the interaction designer’s role in building artificial intelligence applications. Challenges, best practices, and examples of building chatbots are discussed. [Read More]

Designing Great Voice User Interfaces—More than Creating Good Conversations

Figure 1. Voice user interfaces in our everyday devices.

Interactive voice responses (IVR) have been becoming ubiquitous in customer support call centers since the early 2000s. But designing for these conversational experiences presents unique challenges compared to traditional graphical user interfaces. To help readers navigate this emerging space, the authors share a case study in researching and designing for the IBM Technical Support Phone System. [Read More]