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Photo of JeffJeff Sauro is a Six-Sigma trained statistical analyst who has been collecting and analyzing SUS data for ten years. He, along with Jim Lewis, is writing the book, Practical Statistics for User Research, expected in Spring 2012. Jeff received his Master’s degree from Stanford University. He posts weekly articles on

SUS 是否满足要求?鲜为人知的系统可用性量表事实


John Brooke 于 1986 年开发的系统可用性量表 (SUS) 是一种使用最为广泛的调查问卷,用于度量人们所感知的可用性。该量表包含十条陈述,回答范围从 1(强烈反对)到 5(强烈赞同)不等。 [阅读详情]