Articles by Jerrod Larson

Jerrod Larson has been a UX manager at companies such as Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Google, and Qualtrics, and was a UX designer at Boeing. He has a PhD in Human-Centered Design from the University of Washington where he serves on its external advisory board.

(English) A Day in the Life of a UX Manager

Photo of two people discussing something on a laptop.

(English) A look into the daily life of UX managers who play a unique role in UX practice. [Leia mais]

Sobre tornar-se um gestor de experiência do usuário: novos requisitos, habilidades e recompensas

Ocupar uma função de gestão de experiência do usuário é mais fácil quando você entende as oportunidades e os desafios de seu novo cargo. [Leia mais]

(English) User-Centered Procurement: Evaluating the Usability of “Off-the-Shelf” Software

sample evaluation form

(English) UX teams must extend the role of usability evaluation to the "off-the-shelf" software procurement process itself. [Leia mais]

(English) Absent, Undefined, Undervalued: Usability in Technology Research Firm Software Evaluations

(English) Usability practitioners should understand how their management decides upon enterprise software, reading and responding to reports in order to ensure usability is a key factor in the decision-making process. [Leia mais]