Articles by John Schrag

Photo of John SchragJohn Schrag is senior principal interaction designer at Autodesk. Specializing in interface design for artistic users with open-ended tasks, he has helped create 3D graphics tools for graphic artists, typographers, industrial designers, automotive stylists, animators, sculptors, filmmakers, and architects. He has presented at various conferences, including UPA and SIGGRAPH.

Saque el As de la Manga: el Desarrollador de su Equipo de UX

Un desarrollador en un equipo de UX puede hacerse cargo de los problemas de software y así mejorar las probabilidades de que se resuelvan los problemas de usabilidad. [Leer más]

(English) Taking Aim: The Power of User Experience Goals

(English) A user experience goal is a choice made by your product team about what kind of experience you want your users to have with your product or service. [Leer más]