Articles by Kay Corry Aubrey

Kay Corry Aubrey is a qualitative researcher who specializes in usability, online/in-person focus group moderation, field studies, accessibility and interaction design. She teaches at Northeastern University and the RIVA Training Institute and is the Technology Feature Editor for the QRCA VIEWS magazine.

《医疗器械设计的实境调查》(Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design)(书评)

玛丽•贝思•普利维特拉 (Mary Beth Privitera) 所著《医疗器械设计的实境调查》(Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design ) 一书的书评。学习在医疗器械设计中应用情境调查的最佳实践和方法。 [阅读详情]