Articles by Kuldeep Kelkar

Kuldeep is VP of UX Consulting and Professional Services at UserZoom. He has more than 15 years of UX research, design, and engineering experience within large enterprises, and has written and spoken about related topics at major conferences around the world, including the annual UXPA and SigCHI conferences. Prior to UserZoom, he was Head of UX at TATA Consultancy Services and Director of UX Design and Research at PayPal, where he worked for nearly a decade.

将指标与业务关联:21 世纪公司的用户体验模型

通过将 NPS 等标准用户体验指标与产品、企业和财务指标关联起来,用户体验专业人员可以精确地说明自己的工作的价值。  [阅读详情]