Articles by Lacey Kruger

Lacey Kruger HeadshotLacey Kruger is a principal information architect for Blackbaud, a provider of nonprofit software and services. Lacey works with Blackbaud’s nonprofit clients to design their online presence and has designed peer-to-peer fundraising websites for a variety of nonprofits including Easter Seals, Feeding America, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the ALS Association.


当您为筹款活动设计网站时,需要考虑许多角色,并且每个角色都有不同的需求。分析关系与角色是关键的第一步。 [阅读详情]


非营利性用户体验不同于营利性设计,但这两个领域可通过互相交流方法而受益。简单了解一下“对方”在做什么可以为我们的工具包提供新花样。 [阅读详情]