Articles by Laila Pawlak

Laila Pawlak is an international speaker on disruption and customer experiences. She is the founder of DARE2 and serves as faculty at Singularity University. Laila has been recognized as one of the most talented business executives in Denmark and was nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year twice. Twitter: @DARE2dk

더 나은 나를 위한 탐구: 기능, 느낌, 스타일이 더 좋은 제품들

고객들의 마음과 정신을 동시에 사로 잡는 제품을 만드는 데 있어서 사람들의 존재와 행동, 기분, 그리고 모습을 더 좋게 해주는 것이 핵심입니다. [자세히 읽기]