Articles by LaiYee Ho

LaiYee is a UX researcher and co-founder of, where she’s building qualitative research tools. She is passionate about helping researchers transform communities and businesses with human insights. She’s led teams at a smart home startup, and was on the launch team for Amazon Fire TV. Twitter: @laiyeelori

IoT UX Challenges: Designing Unintentionally Stressful Experiences

An image conveys a couple imagining their house burning down after seeing a troubling icon in their IoT app.

Following certain principles for designing for IoT can help improve the user experience and relieve anxiety caused by technical breakdowns. [Read More]

How to Use UX Research to Guide an Agile Process

In this case study, the author discusses how she worked with her team to integrate research into an Agile development process. The resulting changes helped the team better respond to user needs by incorporating research throughout the sprint cycle. [Read More]

Understanding User Motivation: Creating Compelling IoT Experiences

Understanding how IoT technologies impact everyone in the household is key to designing intuitive, compelling experiences. [Read More]