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Photo of Léonie WatsonLéonie Watson is a director of accessibility at Nomensa, Europe’s leading user experience design agency. She is well known for her knowledge of accessibility and assistive technologies, and works with national and international organizations that develop accessibility guidelines and standards. Léonie is also chair of the British Computer Association of the Blind.

“A”로 시작하는 단어: UX 한 부분으로서의 접근성

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접근성(Accessibility)은 종종 잘못 이해되고, 비난을 받으며 또는 잘못 해석됩니다. 만약 “A"로 시작하는 단어가 당신을 약간 어지럽게 하거나, 이를 갈고 싶게 하거나, 약간 당혹하게 느끼게 했다면, 당신은 혼자가 아닙니다. [자세히 읽기]