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Photo of Libby HannaLibby Hanna is a research psychologist with more than fifteen years experience working as a consultant in usability research, currently at Hanna Research & Consulting, LLC. Her clients include Microsoft, T-Mobile, Intuit, and small start-ups, and projects range from extensive benchmark testing, to longitudinal field research, to quick-and-dirty one-day usability tests.


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与设计和研究带来的乐趣相比,写研究结果的报告让人想要撞墙。如何落笔?用什么格式?包括哪些内容?我们希望提供几个建议,通过格式灵活性(根据目标读者定制报告)和可浏览性(使得重要信息显而易见)来改善您的报告。 [阅读详情]