Articles by Liza Potts

Liza Potts headshotLiza Potts directs the Experience Architecture degree and the WIDE Research center at Michigan State University. Her book Social Media in Disaster Response: How Experience Architects Can Build for Participation was released in 2014. She has worked for Microsoft, consultancies, and start-ups. Her first Doctor was Tom Baker. Twitter: @LizaPotts.

Killer Robots and the Humanities: Building an Interdisciplinary UX Program

The next generation of technology professionals also need a background in communications, ethics, history, and even literature to be effective architects of digital experiences. [Read More]

Social Media Systems in Times of Disaster: Users Becoming Participants

During time of disaster like bombings and hurricanes, everyday people heavily use social media systems to connect with each other and establish a network. Is social media ready for that kind of use? [Read More]