Articles by Liza Potts

Liza Potts headshotLiza Potts directs the Experience Architecture degree and the WIDE Research center at Michigan State University. Her book Social Media in Disaster Response: How Experience Architects Can Build for Participation was released in 2014. She has worked for Microsoft, consultancies, and start-ups. Her first Doctor was Tom Baker. Twitter: @LizaPotts.


新一代技术专业人员需要拥有沟通、伦理、历史、甚至文学等多重背景,才能成为数字化体验的有效架构师。 [阅读详情]


在面临爆炸和飓风等灾难期间,人们每天都会使用社交媒体系统相互联系和建立网络。社交媒体适应这种用途吗? [阅读详情]