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Photo of ManfredManfred Tscheligi is co-founder and owner of USECON. He is also the director of CURE (Center for Usability Research & Engineering) and a professor of Usability & Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg. He holds Ph.D. in Social and Economic Science from the University of Vienna.

针对 UX 咨询师的社交技巧:工作沟通

随着 UX 咨询业务的成熟,社交能力变得越来越重要。有关可用性和用户体验本身的方法的专业知识现在已经是汗牛充栋。有数本优秀书籍还介绍了如何成为有效咨询师的主题 [阅读详情]