Articles by Masaaki Kurosu

Photo of MasaakiMasaaki Kurosu is a professor of the Open University of Japan, with a background in cognitive science and human-computer interaction. He is also a president of HCD-Net. Based on his career as a usability professional, he proposed a concept of user engineering and is now proposing an ADA and a new concept of UX and X.

Controlled and Totalitarian: Sci-Fi’s Pessimistic View of the Future

A futuristic figure

Most science-fiction movies are pessimistic and depict dystopian societies. They provide useful guidance to increase awareness of what technology might bring to user experience. [Read More]

Usability Engineering in Japan

There is a long history of usability testing, in practice if not in name, in Japan. Professional organizations for usability, outside of the academic context, are just taking off. [Read More]