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Matt Jones, Andrew Dearden, Lynne Dunckley, David Frohlich, and Ann Light are all members of the Bridging the Global Digital Divide network of projects funded by the UK’s EPSRC. Matt Jones and David Frohlich were part of the StoryBank project; Andrew Dearden coordinated the Rural e-Services work; Lynne Dunkley was a member of the Village e-Science project; and Ann Light was a partner in the FairTracing work. Many other people, both in the UK and in the partner communities, are involved in the work. It is with the deepest regret we report that since the submission of this article, Professor Lynne Dunckley has died. We dedicate this article to her memory, her friendship, and inspiration.

Stepping In: An Outsider’s Guide to Crossing the Digital Divide

"Bridging the Global Digital Divide" teams are looking at new interaction technologies and design practices for users whose lives could be transformed by advances in computing and communication. [Read More]