Articles by Michele Visciola

Photo of MicheleMichele Visciola is Experientia’s president. He is an international expert on usability engineering, human factors, and user-centered design, and heads the Italian chapter of the Usability Professional Association. He has lived in the UK and the USA (where he studied at MIT Sloan) and is known as Italy’s top expert on usability.

Live More Sustainably: Smart Tools Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

To gauge success in changing people's consuming patterns, we must be able to assess and monitor certain indicators both at an individual and community level. [Read More]

Encouraging Participatory Democracy: A Study of 30 Government Websites

Websites of public authorities are barely taking advantage of the power of the participatory citizen. We studied the main sites of thirty public authorities and identified several innovative approaches. [Read More]

Book Review: What We Find Changes Who We Become

This book claims that “findability is going ambient,”- all we know about helping people find information on the Internet will help people find things in their physical environments. [Read More]