Articles by Mindy Brooks

Photo of MindyMindy Brooks was formerly the director of content and innovation research at Sesame Workshop, and did this work in that role. She is now the user experience manager for Google’s kids and family initiative. Her team is focused on helping create the best products for kids and families. Prior to Google, Mindy was at Netflix as the first researcher over Kids and Family. Twitter: @mkbrooks123

세서미 스트리트, 글자 블록, 그리고 증강 현실: 늘어나는 참여와 학습

전통적 글자 블록과 글자 기반의 태블릿 콘텐츠가 접목된 비선형 놀이 경험을 디자인하면서 얻은 교훈. [자세히 읽기]

(English) Electric Racer to Promote Literacy: A Game for Two Inter-Generational Players

(English) This study indicated that educational gameplay benefited from clarity around players’ roles, enabling parents’ participation, furthering the learning process for the child players. [자세히 읽기]