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Miriam Donath headshotMiriam Donath is a user experience researcher with practice in several fields including government, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and telecommunications. She holds an MS in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.

(English) Evaluating Smart Speaker UX: Guidelines and Approach

(English) As the IoT world continues to expand, researchers need to understand what to take into account when evaluating and improving the design of smart speakers. [阅读详情]


用户体验教育已开始向线上转移,使得全球各地的学员都能学习用户体验相关知识。虽然在线教育面临挑战,但当今的各种教育计划正在源源不断地培养出有用的用户体验专业人员。 [阅读详情]