Articles by Nancy R. Wilck

Photo of Nancy WilckNancy Wilck became involved in participatory design and visual modeling several years ago while working directly with physicians and nurses to identify ways to improve workflow efficiency in the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), VHA’s electronic health record. She has gone on to work with veterans to redesign the VA’s personal health record website, My HealtheVet, and its mobile version. The Caregiver project marks the first time Nancy has incorporated a usability assessment of the model into the design process.


Closeup of patient chart

米国退役軍人省(VA)は、「手元にあるクリニック」と呼ばれるパイロットプロジェクトの一部となるアプリケーションの要件を判定するため、重傷を負った退役軍人の家族介護者とかかわる機会を持った。 [続きを読む]