Articles by Natasha E. Bullock-Rest

Photo of NatashaNatasha E. Bullock-Rest is a research assistant in the Speech and Psycholinguistics Lab at Brown University. She was previously a research assistant at the University of Iowa conducting research in human-computer interaction.

致力于和平的人机交互 (HCI):积极行动邀请

image of faces with doves in the heads

在日常生活中,不断普及的数字设备为人机交互和用户体验专业人员提供了新的机会,来设计可促进特定人类价值的技术。其中一种价值就是和平。 [阅读详情]

(English) Designing Technologies for Marginalized Children

(English) Information and communication technologies provide great opportunities and challenges for marginalized children both in developed and developing regions. [阅读详情]