Articles by Nathaniel Revathi

Nathaniel RevathiRevathi has 16 years of experience as a usability expert and user researcher. She has experience working with companies that build enterprise software, SQL products and non-profit scientific organizations. She enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams that work collaboratively to solve complex problems and continuously improve the user’s experience of software applications.

Will the Machine Take Over? Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (Book Review)

Nathaniel Revathi

A review of AI Ethics by Mark Coeckelbergh. An introduction to the importance of ethical considerations within the field of Artificial Intelligence. [Read More]

Truth telling for businesses about valuing Customer Experience (Book Review)

Delta CX

A review of Delta CX. An introduction to the Delta Customer Experience model that uses methods and techniques to help companies be truly customer-focused. Delta CX explains how companies can invest in the right resources to build and design the right product services and experiences that customers actually want and will use. The book provides a lens through which it examines and evaluates the trends in the UX industry and provides tips on how companies can focus on providing quality with the right strategy, people and processes. [Read More]