Articles by Nicola Marsden

Nicola Marsden is a professor in the IT department of Heilbronn University, teaching social psychology in software engineering and IT management. Her research focuses on motivation, attitudes, and gender in face-to-face situations, computer-mediated communication, and human-computer interaction. She has initiated "Gender-UseIT," an interdisciplinary network to bring people together with the aim of considering gender in UX, usability, and HCI. @Nicola_Marsden

UXの行為: ジェンダーの行為

Unisex restroom sign

男性と女性それぞれに向けて異なったデザインを提供することは重要だろうか? ジェンダーは言語の一部であり、ユーザーが各自のアイデンティティーをどう捉えるかにかかわるものである。UXデザインで性別を考慮するべきだろうか? [続きを読む]