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Photo of PatrickAs a UX professional, Patrick Purdy has performed research, crafted strategy, and designed desktop, web, and mobile experiences for clients including Microsoft, Johnson Controls, University of Michigan, Carhartt, Sports Authority, Scotts Miracle Grow, and Bosch. In his free time, Patrick likes to play soccer, drink beer, and tell stories that will make you laugh ‘till you cry.

공상과학에서 과학적 사실로: 디자인이 미래에 어떻게 영향을 미치는가?

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공상과학은 우리의 집단적 상상력을 형성하고 과학기술을 진전시킵니다. 궁극적으로 공상과학은 미래의 과학에 영향을 끼칠 수 있는 원형적 도구입니다. [자세히 읽기]