Articles by Rob Keefer

Keefer-Rob-HeadshotRob Keefer, Ph.D. is passionate about building systems that make people awesome. This has driven him to dive into several aspects of software development including code craftsmanship, Agile processes, and usability. When not pursuing these interests, he enjoys distance running and cycling. Twitter: @rbkeefer

Evidence-Based Story Mapping

Considering multiple possibilities for your product direction? Evidence-based story mapping can be a powerful tool for understanding stakeholder opinions and informing prioritization decisions. [Read More]

Creating a DoGo Map: A Step-By-Step Guide

A DoGo map is a lightweight tool that provides an overview of a system’s information architecture, enabling clearer communication between UX and the development team. [Read More]

Designing for Peace of Mind: Almost Getting to Flow

Social media interface showing a message has just been sent

Following three design principles for flow – meeting user expectations, ensuring status visibility, and eliminating distractions – can lead to users’ peace of mind and engagement. [Read More]