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Scott HarrimanScott Harriman is a senior designer in the User Experience group at He spends his time on innovative advertising projects and building immersive page takeover ads for web and mobile platforms. His work in the area of excellence in design collaboration has been recognized with a Regional Emmy, a Communicator Award, and a Horizon Interactive Award.

更好的页面自动转换广告设计: 寻找最佳切入点

Screenshot of ad takeover.

也许您对在线广告深恶痛疾。 也许您会对它们视而不见。 但是如果您正在致力于改善某个网站的用户体验,其中包含页面自动转换广告,您可以在制作广告时融入更好的用户体验。 [阅读详情]