Articles by Sean Zdenek

Sean ZdenekSean Zdenek is an associate professor of technical communication and rhetoric at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He teaches a range of courses, including a graduate course on web accessibility and disability studies. He is currently working on a book about closed captioning, scheduled to be published in 2015 entitled Reading Sounds: Accessing Popular Culture Through the Lens of Closed-Captioned Media.

単なるトランスクリプションを超えたもの: 巧みな作業としての字幕

Futurama screenshot of hypnotoad with subtitles.

字幕は単なるトランスクリプション(書き起こし)ではなく、アクセシビリティとユーザビリティにおいて重要な意味を持つ。この記事では字幕表示は本質的に主観的であり解釈に影響されるものであることを示す。 [続きを読む]