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Tiziana dAgostinoTiziana d’Agostino is a UX Psychologist and Interaction Design consultant, with more than 20 years design experience. She has a master’s degree in Media Psychology, and she is a faculty member at two colleges in San Diego, CA. She has been focusing on ethical and inclusive design for the past few years. Twitter: @tidag17.

(English) How to Persuade without Manipulation (Book Review)

Ethical Design Handbook

(English) Ethical design is becoming an increasingly important topic. But how can you incorporate ethical practices in your existing company? This handbook offers a wealth of advice on how to begin the process and modify workflow to produce products that benefit the user and the business alike. As a balanced mix of theory and practical guidelines, this book will guide you to delight your customers while increasing revenues, without resorting to shady tricks and manipulation. This review includes an example of simple framework for design decisions. [Leer más]