Articles by Todd Diemer

Photo of Todd DiemerTodd Diemer works at User Centric as a user experience specialist with a wide range of skills including user research, multimedia design and production, and technology education. His extensive time spent in West Africa and Southeast Asia gives him a unique perspective on how designs are perceived in emerging markets. He has a B.A. in Mass Media Productions and an M.S. in Human Computer Interaction.

Indo para o lado físico: Experiência do usuário fora de espaços eletrônicos

Na qualidade de profissionais de experiência do usuário, percebemos problemas de usabilidade em todos os lugares em que vamos. [Leia mais]

(English) Safer Skies: Usability at the Federal Aviation Administration

(English) Study of user communities that make up the air traffic control system and the information, navigation and communication technologies they use. [Leia mais]