Articles by Zuiena Kabir

Zuiena Kabir is a UX Manager at Google, managing programs and resources that empower user researchers to conduct effective research on ads, payment, and user related products. She has previously led research on various Android and Google Play products. Zuiena holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech.

Habilidades de comunicación asertiva: una base para el éxito de la experiencia de usuario (parte 2)

Two men and two women sitting at a coffee table in a room with huge windows. They are working together and they have books and notebooks all over the table.

UX professionals sometimes struggle to communicate assertively at work. We present ideas to put this skill into practice, with examples and suggestions from real life. [Leer más]

Habilidades de comunicação objetiva: a base do sucesso da experiência do usuário

Why and how should you communicate assertively in the workplace? Four Googlers provide a framework and ideas on how to step up your communication skills to avoid unwanted behaviors. [Leer más]