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(English) A design system’s practical guide (Book Review)

Building Design Systems

(English) A review of "Building Design Systems" by Sarrah Vesselov and Taurie Davis, a reference guide on how to create, build, and maintain a design system in the context of an organization. "Building Design Systems" walks the reader through all things design systems. It starts by laying out their history and rise from both a design and development point of view. It then covers the six areas of a design system: layout, styles, components, regions, content, and usability. It’s also a handy guide to evaluate whether it’s the right time to implement, how to engage and onboard stakeholders, and how to implement a design system. [阅读详情]

(English) An Insider’s Guide to UX Careers (Book Review)

(English) A review of The UX Handbook by Cory Lebson. A career guideline for UX professionals. [阅读详情]


“Improving the User Experience through Practical Data Analytics”(通过实用数据分析改进用户体验)(Mike Fritz 著)书评。本书通过一段段短小精辟的内容提供了定量数据分析课程。 [阅读详情]


“The Man Who Designed the Future: Norman Bel Geddes and the Invention of the Twentieth-Century America”(设计未来的人:诺曼·贝尔·盖迪斯与美国在 20 世纪的创新)(B. Alexandra Szerlip 著)书评 [阅读详情]


《用户之旅:故事构图打造出受欢迎的产品》(The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products that People Love) 的书评,书籍作者为 Donna Lichaw,该书提供了一个易理解的框架,帮助设计师创建良好用户体验。 [阅读详情]