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(English) Best Practices for Asian Language Site Localization

(English) Localizing your site for Asia may mean a radically different design, brand-new elements, or country-specific SEO. [阅读详情]

Más allá de navegar y buscar: macrodatos y analítica para complementar el diseño de la navegación

Use los macrodatos y la analítica para mejorar la navegación estática tradicional y anticipar con inteligencia el tipo del contenido que los usuarios intentan alcanzar. [阅读详情]

可用性和搜索引擎优化 (SEO):天作之合

搜索引擎优化 (SEO) 是一种提高网站在搜索引擎结果中排名的技术。对于网站而言,SEO 和可用性对成功至关重要。这是因为 SEO 有助于站点被搜索引擎(以及引擎使用者)轻松找到。找到后,可用性有助于人们在这些站点上完成任务。 [阅读详情]

(English) Book Review: What We Find Changes Who We Become

(English) This book claims that “findability is going ambient,”- all we know about helping people find information on the Internet will help people find things in their physical environments. [阅读详情]

(English) Lessons Learned (Issue 1.2)

Magazine cover

(English) Articles on home computing, TV interfaces, search and working as a development manager. (Full text not available.) [阅读详情]