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(English) SUStisfied? Little-Known System Usability Scale Facts


(English) SUS will continue to provide a reliable, valid and quick measure of ease of use and average SUS scores may increase due to UX improvements. [Leer más]

Llevar los datos cuantitativos a la oficina (reseña de libro)

Una reseña de “Improving the User Experience through Practical Data Analytics” (Mejorar la experiencia de usuario a través del análisis de datos prácticos), de Mike Fritz. Este libro ofrece lecciones de análisis de datos cuantitativos en segmentos pequeños. [Leer más]

The p Stops Here (La p termina aquí)

Book cover

Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research by Jeff Sauro and Jim Lewis [Leer más]

(English) What’s Proof Got to Do with It: Statistics in Usability Design

(English) Databases, for analysis of client websites can be a method of dealing with the inherent problem of small sample sizes in empirical usability studies. [Leer más]

(English) The View from Here: Making Sense of Numbers

(English) The quantitative view of data is less informative to user experience than qualitative data. [Leer más]