Articles by Anosha Shokrpour

Anosha Shokrpour is a senior UX researcher at Groupon who previously worked at eBay. She is a qualitative and quantitative researcher with expertise in the e-commerce and payments space. Anosha is also an editor for UxPA Magazine. Twitter: @anoshas

Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (Book Review)

A review of Eye Tracking in User Experience Design by Bergstrom and Schall. Experts discuss how they’ve leveraged eye tracking to improve user experiences in various domains. [Read More]

Max Diff Survey: Informing Design, Driving Strategy, and Facilitating Collaboration

Max Diff surveys answer design questions and drive strategic direction. The collaborative approach invites team members to feel ownership over the results. [Read More]

Expect the Unexpected: Tips for Conducting Global Research

Global research presents unique logistical and cultural challenges that may conflict with researcher and stakeholder assumptions. Open-mindedness and preparation are key to a successful project. (Full article available in English and Español) [Read More]