Articles by Mindy Maxwell

Mindy Maxwell is a UX research and design consultant based in Boston, MA. Outside of her practice, she’s been involved with UX Magazine as an author, contributing editor, and associate managing editor since 2010.

Surviving Tricky and Sticky Research Situations (Book Review)

A review of The Moderator’s Survival Guide by Donna Tedesco and Fiona Tranquada. Improve your research moderating skills. [Read More]

Go Holistic: Assess the Maturity of Your Organization Via the Customer Experience

Industry leaders focus on the big picture: the end-to-end customer journey or experience. Here’s how to gauge the level of CX development in your organization. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Collaboration for Survival and Creativity

The ability of ants to work together to build colonies, communicate, and even survive floods is an inspiring model of collaboration, with lessons for UX. [Read More]

UX Awards, Past and Present: An Interview with Beverly May

Judges on stage

The 3rd annual UX Awards show off the best of UX. This year’s winners focused on ubiquitous computing with devices that reach into everyday lives. [Read More]

Nota del Editor: El Mundo es Móvil


El tema de este número especial de UX magazine estudia el mundo diverso y en constante cambio de la movilidad [Read More]

Mobile Technology: Design for Social Change

When designing mobile UIs for use in developing markets and we must adhere to the first rule of user experience design, “Know your users,” [Read More]