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Photo of Mindy MaxwellMindy Maxwell is an Associate Managing Editor of UX Magazine


(English) The ability of ants to work together to build colonies, communicate, and even survive floods is an inspiring model of collaboration, with lessons for UX. [阅读详情]

UX 奖项的过去和现在:访奖项创立者 Beverly May

Judges on stage

第三届年度 UX 颁奖大会向我们揭晓了 UX 领域的翘楚。今年的获奖者主要集中在日常生活设备的泛在计算领域。 [阅读详情]



(English) The theme for this issue is Beyond Books. It has a nice balance of research- and design-related topics, ranging from note-taking, making sense of user feedback, and report writing to designing for entertainment and persuasion. [阅读详情]


与迄今为止的任何其他技术相比,移动技术的使用更快地扩展到全球。 [阅读详情]