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Oportunidades incomuns para a experiência do usuário: Os BRICS e além

Map with Kazakstan

À medida em que a cultura ocidental valoriza cada vez mais empreendimentos sociais, os profissionais de experiência do usuário podem ajudar a resolver problemas comuns que ocorrem em países em desenvolvimento. [Leia mais]

(English) Positioning Field Studies for Company and Customers

(English) By understanding and communicating the benefits of field studies, you can maximize your ability to undertake such studies and the effectiveness of the deliverables they produce. [Leia mais]

(English) Taking Usability into the Trenches: Importance of Ethnographic Research and Field Testing

(English) Employing a mixed field method that bridges the gap between ethnographic and laboratory approaches may address the need for real world context in product and design usability evaluation. [Leia mais]