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Seeing is Believing (Book Review)

A review of Eye tracking the User Experience – A Practical Guide to Research by Aga Bojko. A must-read book with tips for running eye tracking studies. 对 Aga Bojko 撰写的《眼动跟踪用户体验:研究实用指南》(Eye tracking the User Experience – A Practical Guide to Research) 的书评。 一本必读书,书中讲述了进行眼动跟踪研究的一些技巧。 안구추적 사용자 경험에 대한 후기 – 실용적 연구 안내, Aga Bojko저. 안구추적…
Eyetracking on mobile screen

Better Games: Insights from Eye Tracking

Using eye tracking during usability testing of games decreases potentially false assumptions, and helps developers better understand player behavior by offering qualitative insights.眼动跟踪在游戏的用户测试中会很有用아이 트래킹은 사용자 평가 게임을 위한 유용한 도구입니다.O uso de eye-tracking durante o teste de usabilidade de jogos diminui as potenciais suposições falsas e ajuda os desenvolvedores a entenderem melhor o comportamento…
graph with game points labeled

Using Biometrics to Reveal Insights into the Player Experience

Biometric sensors, particularly EMG and EEG, help user researchers in understanding digital experiences, gaining insight into how users experience websites. 视频游戏是通过玩家体验的质量来评判的。但是,传统的玩家体验评估方法(如自我报告或访谈)不是很理想,因为这些方法依赖抽样方法或玩家对游戏可玩性的理解。ビデオゲームはプレーヤーの体験の質によって評価される。しかし、自己報告やインタビューなど、プレーヤーの体験を評価する従来の方法は、サンプリングアプローチやプレーヤーのゲームプレイに対する認識に頼っており、理想的とは言えない
image of heatmap

More than Just Eye Candy: Top Ten Misconceptions about Eye Tracking

This article describes common misconceptions about eye tracking in the UX field and attempts to clarify its proper application. 眼动跟踪不再是用户体验研究工具箱中仅由少数几个专家使用的新奇之物。随着越来越多用户体验 (UX) 专业人员在研究中采用眼动跟踪方法,由此便产生并延续了许多误解。アイトラッキングはもはや、ユーザエクスペリエンス研究のツールとして一握りの専門家が使用するような新奇なものではなくなった。