Articles by Benjamin Lauren

Benjamin Lauren is an assistant professor in Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. Ben studies people’s experiences and is interested in how people manage creativity, collaboration, and communication in industry and in educational contexts. He may or may not have been a lead singer in a rock band before becoming a professor. Twitter: @BenLauren

Industry-Academic Collaborations: Fostering a UX Talent Pipeline and Discovering Win-Win Opportunities

The growing need for UX practitioners is driving academic institutions and industry to find innovative ways to blend research, professionalization, and teaching to inspire and train people to enter the workplace. [Read More]

Solving a Museum’s Business Challenges: A Case Study

Applying contextual research methods to understand the visitor experience, helped solve a museum’s challenges. [Read More]

Killer Robots and the Humanities: Building an Interdisciplinary UX Program

The next generation of technology professionals also need a background in communications, ethics, history, and even literature to be effective architects of digital experiences. [Read More]