Articles by Emily Friedman

Emily FriedmanEmily Friedman, MID, CPE is a designer, researcher, and human factors/usability specialist who has led design efforts with a focus on healthcare delivery. As the User Research & Design Lead for the UW ALACRITY Center, she leverages user-centered design to expand the reach of mental healthcare to traditionally underserved communities.

How Mental Health Apps Do (or Don’t) Support Some of COVID-19’s Most Vulnerable Populations

Bar graph showing that participants experiencing unemployment reported less of a burden than essential workers in regards to using mental health apps, with the exception of financial burden.

The emotional impact of the pandemic has taken its toll on people's mental health, which has greatly intensified the need for accessible and usable mental healthcare. The UW ALACRITY Center was given a grant by the US National Institute for Mental Health to study the acceptability, usability, and effectiveness of mental health apps for suicide prevention among essential workers and people experiencing unemployment during COVID-19. [Read More]