Articles by Pejman Mirza-Babaei

Pejman Mirza-Babaei is an Associate Professor of UX Research and runs the UXR Lab, an applied user experience research lab for digital media, at Ontario Tech University. He is co-editor of Games User Research and is currently working on The Game Designer's Playbook: An Introduction to Game Interaction Design, expected release Spring 2022. Twitter: @pejman_mb

(English) Games UX Testing with Artificial Intelligence

Example map of a game level featuring fenced in green space with buildings, trees, rocks, and so on. There are colored lines depicting the paths each AI-agent has taken and their engagements with point of interest (such as enemies and collectables).

(English) Game developers gain insights from working on projects that use game evaluation tools supported by artificial intelligence. [阅读详情]


游戏产业需要用户体验研究人员了解为视频游戏创造良好体验的独特挑战,这些挑战与其他界面截然不同。 [阅读详情]

(English) Beyond Player Experience: Designing for Spectator-Players

(English) Crafting meaningful and engaging games for spectator-players requires new UX research and design methods.  [阅读详情]


Game pattern

游戏开发需要深入了解用户需求。除了利用成熟的可用性研究方法之外,游戏用户研究越来越多地引入生物测定学的最新成果,借以了解用户行为。 [阅读详情]