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Susan Teague Rector headshotSusan Teague Rector is an IBM design principal with 20 years of experience crafting information architectures and online experience strategies for a variety of public and private sector organizations. She is currently working on design for cognitive systems at IBM Watson Health.


卡诺模型可以表示客户对产品功能的满意度。在这篇文章中,两位企业设计人员分享了可用于可用性或调查研究的 Excel 和 Tableau 模板。 [阅读详情]


利用计分卡,可以跨越不同的用户体验框架、可用性成熟度和技术平台来比较各种产品,有助于确定可提高产品可用性并减少用户体验缺陷的解决方案。 [阅读详情]