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(English) Will the Machine Take Over? Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (Book Review)

Nathaniel Revathi

(English) A review of AI Ethics by Mark Coeckelbergh. An introduction to the importance of ethical considerations within the field of Artificial Intelligence. [자세히 읽기]

(English) How to Think Like a UX Expert (Book Review)

Jennifer Hunsecker

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(English) So You Want to Get into Civic Tech? (Book Review)

Shannon McHarg

(English) A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide by Cyd Harrel shows what it’s like to work in the field of civic technology by offering a roadmap for how to get started working in the field, a glimpse into the day-to-day work, and the big challenges faced within this field. [자세히 읽기]

(English) Truth telling for businesses about valuing Customer Experience (Book Review)

Delta CX

(English) A review of Delta CX. An introduction to the Delta Customer Experience model that uses methods and techniques to help companies be truly customer-focused. Delta CX explains how companies can invest in the right resources to build and design the right product services and experiences that customers actually want and will use. The book provides a lens through which it examines and evaluates the trends in the UX industry and provides tips on how companies can focus on providing quality with the right strategy, people and processes. [자세히 읽기]

수행 과제 프레임워크의 구체화

Jim Kalbach 저, The Jobs to Be Done Playbook 서평 수행 과제(Jobs to be Done) 프레임워크를 구체화하는 방법에 대한 자세한 안내 The Jobs to be Done Playbook (JTBD)에서는 “목표 달성에 사용되는 수단과 별개로 사람들의 목표에 초점을 두는” 방법으로서 수행 과제 프레임워크를 구체화하는 방법을 설명합니다. 이 책에서는 JTBD의 역사와 정의 및 그 가치에 대한 통찰력과 JTBD를 […] [자세히 읽기]

클레어 메네구스, 정보 시스템 디자인(서평)

조지 아랑고 저, Living in Information 서평 이 책은 사회에 도움을 주는 정보 환경을 디자인하는 방법을 알아봅니다. [자세히 읽기]

(English) The Art of Designing Conversational Interfaces (Book Review)

book with red cover and white title saying Conversational Design

(English) A review of Conversational Design by Erika Hall highlighting how Hall weaves communication principles into a reference guide on how to create effective conversational interfaces. [자세히 읽기]

더 나은 미래를 만드는 방법(서평)

Book cover of Future Ethics

현대의 기술적 지형을 탐색하기 위해 윤리적 이론을 이용하는 방법에 대한 조언을 제공하는 Cennydd Bowles 저, “Future Ethics”(미래의 윤리학)에 대한 서평. [자세히 읽기]

감성 지능 기술을 디자인하는 방법 (서평)

(English) Book cover of Emotionally Intelligent Design

A review of Emotionally Intelligent Design by Pamela Pavliscak. This book provides guidance on how to incorporate an emotional layer into Design Thinking. [자세히 읽기]

(English) Problem to Prototype in Five Days (Book Review)

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(English) How to Conduct Field Research Anywhere (Book Review)

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(English) The Ultimate Introduction to Scrum (Book Review)

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(English) Leading the Rebels: A UXer’s Guide to Shifting Your Organization to Customer-Centricity (Book Review)

(English) A review of Transform by Gerry McGovern. A resource for UX professionals who want to make their organizations more customer-centric. [자세히 읽기]