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(English) A design system’s practical guide (Book Review)

Building Design Systems

(English) A review of "Building Design Systems" by Sarrah Vesselov and Taurie Davis, a reference guide on how to create, build, and maintain a design system in the context of an organization. "Building Design Systems" walks the reader through all things design systems. It starts by laying out their history and rise from both a design and development point of view. It then covers the six areas of a design system: layout, styles, components, regions, content, and usability. It’s also a handy guide to evaluate whether it’s the right time to implement, how to engage and onboard stakeholders, and how to implement a design system. [阅读详情]

“How Words Can Influence the User Experience”(词语如何影响用户体验)(书评) 作者:Michelle Bence

对“Writing is Designing”(写作即设计)一书的评论。本书介绍了内容会对用户体验产生怎样的影响,并围绕写作内容提供了多种最佳做法。 [阅读详情]

(English) The Cost of Bad Design (Book Review)

(English) Tragic Design, by Jonathan Shariat and Cynthia Savard Saucier, reveals how design choices can negatively impact users and provides techniques to avoid harmful design decisions. [阅读详情]

我们可以从人机交互 (HCI) 历史中学到什么?(书评)

Jonathan Grudin 的“From Tool to Partner: The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction”(从工具到合作伙伴:人机交互的演变)一书的评论 [阅读详情]


Steve Portigal 的“Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories”(门铃、危险和没电了的电池:用户研究实战故事)一书的评论。 [阅读详情]


《验证产品创意》(Validating Product Ideas) 的书评,书籍作者为 Tomer Sharon。有关为何、何时及如何针对产品设计来开展用户研究的指南。 [阅读详情]

《眼动跟踪用户体验设计》(Eye Tracking in User Experience Design)(书评)

伯格斯特龙 (Bergstrom) 和沙尔 (Schall) 所著《眼动跟踪用户体验设计》(Eye Tracking in User Experience Design) 一书的书评。专家讨论他们如何利用眼动跟踪技术在各个领域改善用户体验。 [阅读详情]

《医疗器械设计的实境调查》(Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design)(书评)

玛丽•贝思•普利维特拉 (Mary Beth Privitera) 所著《医疗器械设计的实境调查》(Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design ) 一书的书评。学习在医疗器械设计中应用情境调查的最佳实践和方法。 [阅读详情]

《玻璃之笼:自动化与我们》(The Glass Cage: Automation and Us)(书评)

尼古拉斯•卡尔 (Nicholas Carr.) 所著《玻璃之笼》一书的书评。随着世界的自动化程度越来越高,设计师可以保证喜悦并不会消失。 [阅读详情]