Articles about Customer Experience

(English) Best Practices for Asian Language Site Localization

(English) Localizing your site for Asia may mean a radically different design, brand-new elements, or country-specific SEO. [阅读详情]

(English) Human-to-Human Interaction Style in Voice User Interface Design

(English) Voice-enabled devices are gaining the ability to mimic human-to-human interactions fairly well. This article outlines some general guidelines to consider when designing voice user interfaces. [阅读详情]

Startups and UX: Relating Success to Good UX Practices

Research conducted on startups in Detroit, Michigan proves that the success of any startup hinges on the employment of UX to feed the ROI. [阅读详情]


卡诺模型可以表示客户对产品功能的满意度。在这篇文章中,两位企业设计人员分享了可用于可用性或调查研究的 Excel 和 Tableau 模板。 [阅读详情]


了解物联网技术如何影响每位家庭成员,是设计出直观且引入入胜的体验的关键。 [阅读详情]

(English) Leading the Rebels: A UXer’s Guide to Shifting Your Organization to Customer-Centricity (Book Review)

(English) A review of Transform by Gerry McGovern. A resource for UX professionals who want to make their organizations more customer-centric. [阅读详情]


保持好奇心并渴望获得有关背景的新线索,有助于用户体验设计师与用户产生共鸣和创建直观的解决方案,以满足个人的需求和愿望。 [阅读详情]


处理安全性违规事件的方式可对用户体验产生影响。下面给出了家得宝、温迪快餐连锁和欧姆尼酒店集团对此类事件如何响应的三个案例研究,展示了发生安全性违规事件后应该如何维护并重获客户信任。 [阅读详情]


如果要打造能够得到客户真心认可的产品,帮助人们提升状态、表现、感受和形象将至关重要。 [阅读详情]


行业领导者通常关注大局:端到端客户历程或体验。这篇文章讲述如何衡量贵组织的客户体验开发水平。 [阅读详情]