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More than Mere Transcription: Closed Captioning as an Artful Practice

Futurama screenshot of hypnotoad with subtitles.

Closed captioning is more than mere transcription and critical to accessibility and usability. This article presents closed captioning texts as inherently subjective and interpretative. [Read More]

Controlled and Totalitarian: Sci-Fi’s Pessimistic View of the Future

A futuristic figure

Most science-fiction movies are pessimistic and depict dystopian societies. They provide useful guidance to increase awareness of what technology might bring to user experience. [Read More]

To Boldly Go Where No Observer Has Gone Before: Sci-Fi Movies for UX Practice

Photo of Sulu from Star Trek

Observation skills are important for UX professionals, and lead to creative insights. Science fiction films offer an opportunity to practice these skills and best practices. [Read More]