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(English) The Importance of Designing for the Elderly in a Post-COVID World

Elderly Tech

(English) One major impact of COVID-19 has been the rapidly rising number of older adults using the internet to work, shop, engage in social activities, and stay connected to family and friends. Many in this demographic, while they have real-world knowledge and experiences, may have challenges using online technologies and mobile devices. Hossein Raspberry provides insights on demystifying inclusive design and driving accessibility design in technology. [続きを読む]


(English) A study describing how older women in Southeast Asia have used technology to spread positivity and creativity during COVID-19. [続きを読む]


高齢者またはコンピューター経験の浅い人々を対象とするデザインには、ウェブサイトの機能の厳密な定義、明確なワークフロー、そして利用者の気を散らすものを極力除いたページのデザインが求められる。 [続きを読む]


イラストレーションには、複雑な医療関連情報の理解を助けてくれる可能性があるが、効果的に利用するためにはテストを実施して幅広いユーザーのニーズに応えられるよう調整する必要がある。 [続きを読む]

将来有望な明日の技術: 老齢人口のためのUX

支援技術を設計するにあたり、最新の研究を分析して年配者のニーズを考えるための評価指標、もしくは調査方法の枠組みが作られた。 [続きを読む]


フィリップス・ホーム・モニタリングによる高齢者ユーザー向けオンラインサービス体験創出の課題には、プライバシー、ユーザーエクスペリエンス、従来のシステムの制約、およびコミュニケーションが含まれていた。 [続きを読む]


高齢者は、投票などの重要な事柄にiPadを使用することができるだろうか。長期介護施設に入居している高齢者は、利用には前向きだがタッチ式のインタラクションには困難があった。 [続きを読む]


photo of elderly people using computers

多くの高齢者が情報通信技術(Information and Communication Technologies:ICT)を使うことにさほど興味がない一方で、それをすでに生活の一部としている人たちもいる。 [続きを読む]

(English) Social Network Sites for Older Adults: Online User Experience for Korean Seniors

(English) Designing social networking systems which meet the needs of current seniors will enable them to use these systems to improve their quality of life. [続きを読む]

(English) What Do We Know about Older Users? How Old is Old?

(English) Usability professionals have many of the same preconceptions about aging and technology use as those exhibited by people in other professions. [続きを読む]

(English) The Aging Brain: At the Crossroads of Attention and Memory

(English) Although slowed with aging, difficulties in suppressing irrelevant information, affecting attention span and memory retention, are found in all age groups. [続きを読む]

(English) Design for the Aging Brain (Commentary of Dr. Gazzaley’s The Aging Brain)

(English) We need to understand the mechanisms that underlie the physical and mental changes of aging to design products that interface well with older adults' cognitive abilities. [続きを読む]

(English) Conducting Field Studies with Older Adults Lessons for Recruiting and Testing Older Users

(English) Field testing and field research work especially well with older adults, if you are sensitive to their needs in both the recruiting and data collection process. [続きを読む]

(English) Designing Spaces for Dementia: An Interview with Terry Carson

(English) An interview with Terry Carson, the owner of residential facilities for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. [続きを読む]

(English) Geographic Orientation & Disorientation: Getting Lost and Getting Found in Real and Information Spaces

(English) To reduce problems of navigational disorientation, incorporate different sets of orientation factors and accommodate the needs and abilities of all users. [続きを読む]

(English) Web 2.0 for an Older Population: Exploring the Limits

(English) To enable a rapidly aging population with the connected social experiences that younger Web users experience, find balance between replacing and augmenting offline activity. [続きを読む]

(English) Older Users Online: WAI Guidelines Address the Web Experiences of Older Users

(English) A review of research into overlaps between the accessibility needs of older users and people with disabilities showed that WCAG 2.0 meets most of the identified requirements of older web users. The article introduces the WAI-AGE project. [続きを読む]

(English) The View from Here: When is Enough Enough?

(English) As we age, we are constantly compromising, and redefining what we view as living. [続きを読む]

(English) What’s News: Helping Seniors Helps Everybody

(English) With the aging of the baby boomers, product developers are realizing that there’s money to be made by making products more user-friendly to older people. [続きを読む]

(English) Book Review: Assisted Loving

(English) The book is a consciousness-raiser for family members who are dealing with aging seniors as they enter new phases of their lives. [続きを読む]

(English) Editor’s Note: Platinum Perspectives on Usability and User Experience

(English) The role of seniors have important implications for the policies and focus of attention for our professional organizations and daily life. [続きを読む]