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(English) Human-to-Human Interaction Style in Voice User Interface Design

(English) Voice-enabled devices are gaining the ability to mimic human-to-human interactions fairly well. This article outlines some general guidelines to consider when designing voice user interfaces. [阅读详情]


处理安全性违规事件的方式可对用户体验产生影响。下面给出了家得宝、温迪快餐连锁和欧姆尼酒店集团对此类事件如何响应的三个案例研究,展示了发生安全性违规事件后应该如何维护并重获客户信任。 [阅读详情]


如果从业者可以获得数据,来揭示内容和设计变化如何影响效率和客户情感,那么工作就将更容易被接受和利用。 [阅读详情]


Image of a form letter

当信息有“官僚气息”、“不熟悉”、“以权益为本”或“爱挑剔”这样特征时。在这些情况下,当用户面临重大问题和重要决策时,平实的语言会成为用户体验的重要组成部分。 [阅读详情]

放飞语言 (书评)

Book Cover

A review of Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works (2nd edition) by Janice (Ginny) Redish. [阅读详情]


New York City ballot

为什么无法进行正确的选票设计? [阅读详情]

(English) Developing a Symbol System for the Healthcare Industry

Health symbols

(English) A project to create symbols to help patients and families navigate through hospitals, in any language or with low literacy. [阅读详情]

(English) Design to Read: Guidelines for People Who Do Not Read Easily

(English) This article explores the possibility that similar guidelines for designing and writing clearly and simply can make reading easier for many groups and many situations. [阅读详情]