Articles about Prototyping

(English) Games UX Testing with Artificial Intelligence

Example map of a game level featuring fenced in green space with buildings, trees, rocks, and so on. There are colored lines depicting the paths each AI-agent has taken and their engagements with point of interest (such as enemies and collectables).

(English) Game developers gain insights from working on projects that use game evaluation tools supported by artificial intelligence. [Read More]


要为墨西哥的教育设计有效的学习工具和技术,就需要了解该地区独特的多元文化、经济和政治问题。 [Read More]


在使用制作高保真原型的新工具时,必须使用同样高保真修饰和真实的内容进行测试。 [Read More]


通过真实的互动才能真正探索交互式移动产品。模拟功能和连接可帮助构建出看似真实的可穿戴设备,用于测试早期概念。 [Read More]

(English) Get it RITE: Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation (RITE)


(English) With RITE, UX teams examine interface alternatives in a short time, evolving a more usable final design more quickly than with traditional usability testing methods. [Read More]

头脑风暴绘图: 协作式交互设计

Sketchpads on table

头脑风暴绘图是借助快速绘图方法进行协作的有效方式,通过一组人员在彼此间的绘图作品上反复修改,从而建立起界面概念。 [Read More]


Sketch for a web page

通过“在浏览器中设计”这一方法,设计人员可以高效地创建和更改显示在各种尺寸的显示屏上的响应原型。 [Read More]


screencap of game

视频游戏能够让用户深入体会所设计的体验,并允许用户以其他媒介不可能实现的方式与虚拟世界进行交互。 [Read More]